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  • German Chinese Hospital Days

    The 04th and 05th November 2021

    It is clear, not only since the global corona pandemic, that hospitals in Germany and China face common challenges. During the Corona crisis, for example, hospitals were the mainstay of healthcare provision for the population. Beyond Corona, hospitals in both countries face common challenges, whether demographic changes or the financing of health care services.

  • For the common challenges, both countries have different approaches. While only Western medicine currently plays a role in German hospitals, in China traditional Chinese medicine is intertwined with the treatment processes of Western medicine. Whereas only Western medicine plays a role currently in German hospitals, in China the traditional Chinese medicine is integrated with the treatment processes of Western medicine.

  • The "German Chinese Hospital Days" are intended to create an annual international exchange platform. In its main activities, besides the exchange about hospital care and hospital management of the two countries, it is planned to include topics referring to the integration of traditional Chinese medicine into the conventional medical treatment processes. Our goal is to establish the relevant basis for German Chinese exchange in the field of hospital care, especially TCM in hospitals.

Professional lectures
health care

  • Main topics:

     Hospital Management
     Health system comparisons
     DRG calculation
     Emergency rooms
     Quality management etc.


  • Introduction of standardized data collection and quality-oriented benchmarking in a Chinese clinic based on the German example.

Management Seminars

  • Management-Seminare:

    Together with excellent speakers, the German Chinese Society for Health Care Management offers management seminar series in the field of "Public Health" in fall 2021. The seminar series will be held online in both German and Chinese.

    In addition to content-related input, there will be opportunity to exchange ideas with participants from a various health care systems.
    Contact us and register your participation. There are still a few free places available.

  • The management seminars include
    the following main topics:

    1    Introduction to Public Health: definitions and strategies
    2    International Public Health Management
    3    Economic aspects of Public Health
    4    Salary system in hospitals
    5    Key players in health care and their relationships
    6    Quality Management
    7    Financial management in hospitals
    8    Pandemics/Covid19
    9    Health insurance system in Germany
    10  Purchasing system of medicines
    11  Digitalization in hospitals

Ready to go?

DCG-Health has set itself the goal of promoting and accompanying the exchange between German and Chinese health institutions.
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